Why do people seek counseling?  Usually it is because of a relationship issue or change in life that is difficult to handle alone. A relationship with a loved one can be problematic and you may want to become more clear about your needs and how to ask for what is important to you. You may want to become more versed in new ways of responding, rather than reacting. A loss of a loved one or relationship may have occurred, and you would like help with the grieving and adjustment process. Another focus of therapy can be the relationship you have with yourself, the kinds of messages you grew up with, or give yourself now, that may feel limiting. The work I do is strength based, valuing what you bring and building on that foundation in order to gain more fulfillment.
I am especially skilled in working with individuals who are interested in looking at life's difficulties from a spiritual perspective. So often there may be real limitations around changing our circumstances, but we have a whole inner world of training the mind at our disposal, which can make life workable.
Being in relationship can be wonderful and at other times so difficult and painful. When communication becomes limited between partners, a skilled third party can create a space to transform patterns that are not serving one or both partners. Dynamics can take on a life of their own when left unexamined, and can be redirected into more functional ones once awareness is brought to the process. In counseling, what each partner needs and wants can be expressed, heard non-defensively, and support for each other's well-being strengthened.